Fishing the Gaylord Golf Mecca – Enjoy Our Green and Blue

June 10th, 2019 01:50PM

By Christy Walcott

There’s nothing quite like a Gaylord Golf Mecca getaway.  Those late evenings with raspberry sunsets, gentle inland breezes and mild summer temperatures that allow for play at any hour of the day…top it all off with 15 stellar golf courses and we’re sold!

By now you have a clear definition of what makes the Gaylord Golf Mecca the ultimate summer destination.  And you haven’t heard about it just from us.  Among a growing list of awards and accolades includes last year’s recognition from Golftime Magazine as the 2018 Best Destination in the Midwest.  So what is it that makes our area such a slam-dunk?

Obviously, there’s the golf.  Our member courses were designed by golf’s finest, including Rees Jones, Rick Smith and Tom Fazio, just to name a few.  Challenge yourself along the ridges of the Sturgeon River Valley or spend a more leisurely afternoon on a parkland-style course; the quality and variety of courses in our area just can’t be beat.

So take your time exploring our greens and stay long enough to play all the courses you were dreaming about over that long winter.  But here’s a thought – extend your trip by even one or two extra days and branch out to see what else the Gaylord area has to offer!

While attending golf shows, the many golf-related questions we’re asked are often followed up with “how’s the fishing?”  It seems that for many, golf and fishing go hand-in-hand.  And it makes sense if you think about it.  Both sports require patience, skill, time, a love for being outdoors and are most enjoyed with a cold beer.  In fact, what would you do on a buddy trip that didn’t involve either fishing or golf?

So, here’s the skinny on fishing in the Gaylord Golf Mecca.  We have it.  And lots of it.  Otsego County is home to over 90 inland lakes, ranging in size from just larger than a pond to Otsego Lake which stretches for 5 miles along Old 27 South.  Fly fishing is also a favorite pastime with the headwaters of 5 major rivers flowing through our area.  So, whether you’re in search of panfish, walleye, bass, trout or the elusive sturgeon, the Gaylord Golf Mecca might just also be the Gaylord Fishing Mecca.

Boat rentals are available and sportsmen will find just about every supply they need at Jay’s Sporting Goods.  Best of all, extend your stay and you can split your time between the greens and the water.  It doesn’t get much better than that.

To find the best stay and play packages in Northern Michigan, visit the Gaylord Golf Mecca.  For information on fishing hotspots, check out the Gaylord Area Tourism Bureau.


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